On Campus

I Am Excited to Be on the ‘Ground Floor’ of this Long Term Project

Marco Colosio, M.Sc., the first foreign PhD student at the Centre for Cognition and Decision Making, arrived in Moscow three weeks ago. Marco talks about his scientific interests, his background in Italy and his first impressions of Moscow and CDM-Centre. Marco is a graduate student at University of Padua (Italy), specializing in psychology psychobiology and cognitive science.

A trip to Europe’s Highest Point

A trip to Europe’s Highest Point
HSE’s Extreme Sports student club is organizing this year’s open skiing and snowboarding trip to the slopes of Mount Elbrus and Mount Cheget. The club invites not only students, alumni and staff of the HSE to participate in the event, but also their friends from other universities.

Student Council Discusses Issues Faced by International Students

HSE Tourist Rally: Students Learn to Survive in the Wild

HSE Tourist Rally: Students Learn to Survive in the Wild
The 22nd Annual Open Tourist Rally, organized by the HSE’s Extreme Sports Club, has taken place outside Moscow. Nearly 200 Russian and international students from the HSE and other Moscow universities took part.

HSE Speaks English at HSE Day

Yulia Grinkevich, Director of Internationalization at HSE describes English-language lectures at HSE Day.

New Student Buddies

160 HSE students joined as volunteer buddies in August to provide assistance for foreign students.