Mechta - new magazine for international students

Mechta - new magazine for international students

'We Can Have Precious Experience Every Day'

'We Can Have Precious Experience Every Day'
Yuri Ishitoya, a Spring 2020 exchange student from Akita International University (Japan), tells about her favourite place in Moscow and how cooking helps you make new friends.

Culture Café: Uzbekistan

Culture Café: Uzbekistan
Still can’t stop smiling and feel happier than ever before? We’re sure your answer is yes, and the main reason of your shining smile is our Culture Café dedicated to friendly and sunny Uzbekistan. Many thanks to our HSE international students Imamkhodjaeva Vasilya, Eugenia Golovkina, Bekzod Karimov, Nina Ladinskayawho have discovered a new country for us and left only unforgettable and enjoyable memories about it.

Culture Café: Israel

Israel is a very young country, just 70 years old, but with a very rich history, going all the way back to Biblical times. Of course, all of that is hard to put into a three-hour presentation but HSE Jews Club together with our Israeli students tried to do just that on our last Culture Café dedicated to Israel. And right now, we would try to pass on at least parts of all that information off to you.

Culture Café: Germany

How well do you think you know Germany, its culture and history? Are Germans really that punctual and strict as stereotypes let us to believe? What to do and what to see when you found yourself in this country? We know all the answers to all of these questions thanks to the insights provided for us by our German students at our last Culture Café.

Culture Café: The United Kingdom

How do you do? Greeting you in true English way because we learned how to do that thanks to our wonderful British students who transported us to their homeland for a couple of hours. We, of course, talking about our second Culture Café of the semester which was dedicated to the United Kingdom. Let’s dive into what we learned.

Сulture Café: Money for Good

Once a semester we make something unusual! Our simple (but very dear to heart) Culture Café turns into a strong discussion not about one or several countries and their beautiful unique cultures, but about the issues that can be shared by massive number of people, by the whole globe.

International Bake Sale to Be Held at HSE

On May 21 the international Bake Sale will be held in HSE building on 21/4 Staraya Basmannaya Ulitsa.
The event is organised by HSE Outreach in cooperation with ESN HSE Moscow. It will be a great opportunity to hang out, taste national pastry of different countries and raise money for children in orphanages. 

HSE Organises Collection of Presents for Nursing Homes on Occasion of the Victory Day

On the eve of the Victory Day volunteers of the Open Your Eyes student project will be organizing a visit to the nursing home in Klin. They will put on a concert and give small presents, balloons, flowers as well as care, sincere wishes  and festive mood to the veterans.