International Perspective

On June 4, 2017, HSE is holding ‘The Whole World at HSE’ festival, dedicated to the cultures of different peoples. It’s a great opportunity for many international students to share information about their country’s culture and explain how Russian culture might be perceived by people with a different mentality. HSE international students and faculty have shared their views on both their and our respective cultures.

HSE Brings Nations Together

HSE Brings Nations Together
On June 4, 2017, the international culture festival ‘The Whole World at HSE’ will take place at Shabolovka as part of our anti-versary celebrations.

HSE Camping Weekend to be Held May 26-28

HSE Camping Weekend to be Held May 26-28
Organized by Extreme Sports Club HSE, HSE Camping Weekend is a great chance to spend two days out of the city, meet a large number of Russian students, and enjoy the beauty of the countryside. Sitting around the campfire and singing guitar songs together is something that will definitely give you warm memories for a long time.

Culture Cafe: USA

International Student Support and ESN HSE Moscow are ready to tell you about our fourth journey that we had on March, 28th! This time we booked tickets for a faraway destination - the United States! The crew representatives Max Kushnir and Croix Hebert turned out to be truly gifted public speakers, and on behalf of all the passengers, we want to thank them for making such a lively and informative presentation!

Culture Cafe: Ecology

Go green and save the planet!

We are happy to tell you about our Culture Café that took place on April, 6th! Thank you to all Russian and foreign students who contributed to it. That evening we learnt a lot about ecological issues in India, Finland, Italy, US, Russia, Belgium and Ghana.

Culture Café: Hola Spain!

Culture Café: Hola Spain!
We are happy to tell you about our third Culture Café that took place on March, 14th! Thank you to all students who contributed to it. That evening we learnt a lot about Spanish customs, traditions, food and siesta.

Culture Café: Ghana

We are happy to tell you more about the second Culture Café that took place on March, 7th and became a very memorable event for its participants! Thank you to all Ghanaian students who contributed to it. That evening was a true feast and all the guests could witness how devotedly the students presented their national traditions and shared lots of details about their unique and diverse culture.

Culture Café: Enjoying Diversity and Discovering What We Have in Common

In the fall semester HSE welcomed international and local students at the Culture Cafés hosted by Mexico, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and even Santa Claus. Last week ESN HSE Moscow and International Students Support were happy to continue this tradition.

HSE Snow Fest 2017

On March 4, from 12 p.m to 5 p.m. HSE students will gather at the Orion slope, at the Kant ski resort (metro Nagornaya), for friendly snowboarding and skiing competitions. This is one of the events organized to celebrate the 25th anniversary of HSE’s founding. Visitors will have the chance to try the best slope in the sports resort free of charge – and can either bring their own skiing or snowboarding equipment or rent it on site.

Charity Drive at HSE during Good Deed Month

On March 11, 2017, HSE will host the ‘Heroes Among Us’ charity festival. The month leading up to it is Good Deed Month, organized by the Open Your Eyes student project. People are encouraged to use this month to do good. Check out the ideas below – having a big positive impact doesn’t always mean putting a lot of effort in.