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Alliance 4 Universities Continues Funding Academic Mobility with Russian Universities

Alliance 4 Universities Continues Funding Academic Mobility with Russian Universities
Alliance 4 Universities (Spain) have been awarded funding in this year´s round of Erasmus+ ICM awards, which will enable them  to continue the student and staff exchange programme with HSE University in 2020-2021.

Increased State Academic Scholarship: What Сhanges Can We Expect?

Applications for the Increased State Academic Scholarship open in May.  The main changes to the scholarships to be awarded this summer concern those for social achievements. Students receiving Russian government scholarships (quotas) are eligible to apply. Increased State Academic Scholarship is not applicable for students who pay for their tution.

Classes (Partly) Cancelled Due to Anniversary Night

Effective from the afternoon of November 27, all the way through the morning of November 28, HSE will be celebrating its Anniversary Night. To allow students and staff to prepare for the event properly and not look like zombies at following day’s lectures, these dates will be partially considered days-off.

That's so HSE

We are happy to present you the new issue of "That's so HSE" which is a newsletter with infographics about our university. Current issue informs you how many HSE students and faculty use e-library resources, what purposes of searching articles are more popular, what databases and libraries are most in demand and etc.

HSE Moves Closer to the City Centre

HSE Moves Closer to the City Centre
This year, many students and staff of HSE in Moscow will change the location of their study and work. Instead of some sites in districts on the outskirts of the sity, the university is using buildings in the centre. In addition to that, faculty departments which are now scattered in various parts of the city will move closer to each other. This will allow lecturers and students to spend less time commuting.

HSE Timetable App Updated

The updated app helps you find your way to your class, open the schedule in a click and find out the language of a lecture or seminar.

Payment of September Stipends

Dear students, if you are entitled to a social stipend (a social academic scholarship usually payable to quota students) please note that due to certain unexpected technical problems with bank transfers, September stipends will be paid out in cash.