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‘Moscow Is an Exciting City, but You Can Always Go Somewhere to Calm Your Mind’

Thu Trang Pham
Thu Trang Pham is a 23-year old HSE University student from Vietnam. She is currently in her fourth year of studies at theFaculty of World Economy and International Relations. Thu Trang spoke to the HSE News Service about why HSE is the perfect university for international students, life in her dormitory, and how she plans to make the most of her final year of studies by travelling around Moscow and Russia.

Living in Moscow: What to Expect

Living in Moscow: What to Expect
International students looking to study at HSE might find the idea of moving to Moscow exciting yet daunting, especially if they have never visited or lived in Russia before. We have prepared a short guide on what some aspects of life in Moscow are like.

Bike Rental at HSE

Now it is much easier to get to HSE central buildings – a fully equipped bicycle rental point has opened on Myasnitskaya Ulitsa near the HSE main building.

HSE School of Design at Afisha Picnic

HSE Art and Design School will be creating a lounge zone - an interactive summer playspace with bright red giant spheres - at the Afisha Picnic Festival on 25th July at Kolomenskoye.

Shadow Theatre, Designer Cake, and Other Reasons to Come to the HSE's Art Night

Shadow Theatre, Designer Cake, and Other Reasons to Come to the HSE's Art Night
On November 3, Moscow will play host to Art Night. Visitors will be welcomed to theatres, museums, libraries, and higher education institutions. The HSE is also offering its own programme of entertainment — the Art of Dreaming. Here are several reasons why you should make sure you visit the HSE's Art Night.