‘I Am Sure That These Events Will Make Next Year More Fun!’

Natsuki Kobayashi (Japan), exchange student from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
The New Year is a time for making plans and adopting new resolutions. We have talked to HSE students and staff members about the events they are most looking forward to in the coming year, 2020, and about their wishes and hopes for the new year.


Students have registered for the Open Doors Russian Scholarship Project for international graduate applicants. The results of the first competition round will be announced December 30, 2019.

Join International Study Tour Experience 2019/20

HSE Study Tour Experience welcomes applications from third- and fourth-year undergraduate students who wish to learn more about HSE University and its Master’s programme offerings. The programme duration is from January 27 to February 9, 2020 at HSE University Moscow. The deadline to apply is December 30, 2019.

Open Doors Scholarship Competition for International Applicants: Register Now!

Open Doors Scholarship Competition for International Applicants: Register Now!
More than 40,000 participants from 183 countries have already registered for the Open Doors Scholarship Competition. The competition, which is held by the Association of Global Universities, gives international applicants the opportunity to enroll tuition-free in a Master’s programme of a participating Russian university of their choice without having to take entrance exams. The deadline to submit your portfolio for consideration is December 18.

Belgian Student Combines Urban Planning and Slavic Studies at HSE University

Charlotte Rottiers
Charlotte Rottiers is a master’s exchange student from Ghent University (Belgium). This semester she is taking courses at HSE University on urban planning in the ‘Prototyping Future Cities’ Master’s Programme as well as courses on Russian language and culture in the Faculty of Humanities. HSE News Service spoke with Charlotte about her courses, living in Moscow, and her extensive weekend travels.

‘I Would Strongly Recommend Studying in Russia’

Abrar Riaz
Abrar Riaz has come to Moscow from Pakistan to study in theCognitive Sciences and Technologies: from Neuron to Cognition Master’s programme at HSE University. He was accepted to the programme through Russia’s Open Doors Scholarship Project. Abrar spoke with the HSE News Service about why he chose HSE University and what it was like to participate in the competition.

Two International Students Receive HSE Silver Nestling Awards

Two International Students Receive HSE Silver Nestling Awards
At last week’s Golden HSE Award Ceremony, the winners of the Silver Nestling Award included two international students: Yunying Pei (China) of the Dual Bachelor’s Programme in Data Science and Business Analytics, and Juan Sota (Spain) of the Master’s Programme in Medieval Studies. HSE News Service spoke to the two students about their courses, speaking Russian, and the reactions their families and friends had when they told them they won the Silver Nestling Award.

Culture Cafe: Brazil

Culture Cafe: Brazil
Welcome to Café Cultural, that’s the way how we would welcome you on our meetings in Brazil! Yes, our cold Wednesday was especially hot and sunny, thanks for it to our ESN international student Rubem Ribeiro Junior. 

HSE International Preparatory Programmes Kick off New Year

HSE International Preparatory Programmes Kick off New Year
On November, 22, HSE’s International Preparatory Programmes (IPP) kicked off a new school year with a Welcome Day event. Students were greeted by IPP Director Alexandra Nazarchuk before taking the stage themselves to give short presentations about their home countries. HSE News Service spoke with students of the programme about their classes, living in Moscow, and what they plan do to after they compete the programme.

From Criminal Law in Texas to Russian Studies in Moscow

Rife Kimler
After practicing criminal law for 30 years, Rife Kimler of Texas, USA was in need of a break and a change of scenery. Long interested in Russia, the lawyer researched Russian programmes online and opted for HSE University’s Master’s Programme in Russian Studies. In an interview with HSE News Service, Rife discussed what he likes about Moscow and why he has not regretted his decision to study Russian politics and culture at HSE.