Preliminary Course Choice

You will enroll in HSE University courses before the start of the semester on HSE SmartLMS platform. 

While preparing for your semester, you should put together a preliminary study plan by choosing courses from the HSE course catalogue and having it approved by your home university.

1. Check your home university's requirements for your study plan at HSE University.

  • required minimum number of credits per semester
  • required course level (Bachelor/Master courses)
  • required fields of study
  • required language of instruction

2. Check HSE University's requirements

  • Most HSE courses are 3-6 ECTS. The usual workload is 20-30 ECTS per semester. If you come to Russia on an HSE student visa, you are expected to enrol in at least 15 ECTS per semester due to visa regulations. 
  • At HSE, you can take some courses that do not belong to your major at your home university. However, most of your courses should correspond to your major.

3. Check study plans of HSE degree programmes similar to your major

1. Find an HSE programme that is similar to your major at your home university.

2. Open the programme page and click on 'Courses' in the right-hand side menu

4. Check the HSE Course Catalogue

You can find a list of courses and course info in the HSE Course Catalogue

5. Take into consideration:

Course restrictions

Course Type

Elective courses run only if enough students enroll in them. Students enroll in electives at the same time as exchange students: in June and December.

Faculty, Level

Exchange students are not allocated to any particular study programme or faculty and are free to take courses from any faculty at any level of study, except for the courses from the 'Course resctictions' section. However, we recommend focusing on the courses that are close to your major in your home university.


If you are going to study at HSE University from September to December, you will be taking courses that run in Modules 1 and 2.  If you are going to study in Spring, you need courses that will run in Modules 3 and 4.


The final timetable of courses is available several weeks prior to the start of the studies.  A course may be cancelled/postponed or the timetable may be changed due to professor’ plans changes or programme re-design.

Number of places

The number of places on every course is limited. Admission is on a first come, first served basis.


Some courses may have pre-requisites. Please check carefully course desciptions in the course catalogue.


Student International Mobility Office (SIMO)

We are part of Department of Internationalisation 

  • Visiting hours
    Mon.— Wed., 10:00 — 13:00
    Thu. — Fr., 14:00 — 17:00
Tatiana Gremiakina

Incoming mobility coordinator

phone: +7 (495) 772-9590, then dial extension 27806
Valeriya Sokolova

Director of SIMO

phone: +7 (495) 772-9590, then dial extension 27668