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Student Clubs and Activities

The HSE offers you lots of opportunities to develop you creativity and for cultural enrichment.

Student Initiative Support Centre provides support resources for HSE students who are carrying out independent projects helping to develop their participants’ leadership skills, promote HSE’s reputation, as well as contribute to the life of the city, its residents, and the environment.

Language Tandems

HSE Language Exchange Club offers Russian and international students a multitude of opportunities!
Improve your language skills, learn more about Russian culture and the cultures of other countries around the world; build a social network, make new friends, and engage in fun activities (discussions, debates, games, etc.). Join the club by filling in this registration form and joining the HSE Language Exchange Facebook Group

Green HSE

Green HSE is one of the strongest movements at the HSE, and the group hopes you join! The team takes part in serious activities such as lowering energy consumption at the university and looking for heat leakages. Come talk with the ecology experts and learn that HSE, for example, does not throw out metal scraps, but recycles them, or that the school regularly collects paper waste.


Vyshka Magazine

Vyshka is a modern student magazine based on the Higher School of Economics platform, which allows us to deliver all the information about the university. If you want to understand student life and keep up with current trends, please subscribe. Every week we publish in English, and the next text could be yours. See us on thevyshka.ru.

Contact us at thevyshka@gmail.com


Welcome to dialog+ – an international association of German and Russian economists!
We aim to strengthen economic contacts and cooperation between Russia and Germany, contribute to building a stronger civil society and market economy. Our strategic objective is to create a network of students, specialists and scientists interested in forming closer business, scientific and cultural ties between Russia and Germany.
What do members of dialog+ in Russia do to achieve this goal? We organize different events, including visits to prominent German companies to gain insights into the peculiarities of the business, as well as conferences and lectures devoted to the most topical challenges that both countries face. The most significant conference is the annual Symposium that is held in Germany and Russia in alternate years.
dialog+ is open to participants from any country. Anyone who is interested in strengthening Russian-German economic relations is highly welcome to join!

HSE Debating Society

If you are international student at HSE and would like to improve your public speaking and argumentation skills, meet good friends and spend time discussing burning social, economic or political problems, then welcome to HSE Debating Society!
About our society:
We are all about holding warm and welcoming meetings, participating regularly in European and World Championships, and hosting presentations that bring together up to 200 people.

This year the HSE Debating Society marks its 16th anniversary. During this time, it has become one of the most successful and famous debate clubs in Moscow. Its distinctive features are high quality trainings, interesting games on actual topics, a sincere willingness to coordinate with other clubs and organizations, a warm and relaxed atmosphere within the team and an unquenchable desire for perfection. Teams from our club take part and perform well in all major debate championships. This year more than 80 students from Russia and other countries are taking part in our championship.

To join us, simply come at each Thursday at 19.00 to Room 5309 (Shabolovka 26, HSE building))
You can learn more about us on our vk.com group / facebook group.
Contact our coordinator Dolgikh Anton online at the webpage or by telephone at 8-916-877-78-63

HSE Extreme Sports Club

We initiate you into a world of adventure, a world where one experiences strength and overcomes fears of risk, speed and altitude. It is a world where the fresh breeze and a shoulder of your friend matter more than you can imagine.

Join us, and you will discover incredible opportunities and develop new talents.

Are you interested in extreme sports?
Are you ready to try something new?

We invite you to join our group to discover great sports, including water tourism, mountain tourism, hiking, rock climbing, diving, carting, riding, skiing, snowboarding, and many others! Every year Extreme Sports Club organizes various trips and activities, including ski trips in winter and hiking and rafting in summer. It is never too late to take the first step, so join us now!

As a member of the HSE Extreme Sports Club, you will have the opportunity to help organize events and participate in a variety of interesting international sports projects. Please contact our organizers, and we will be happy to share more information.

Website || Vk 

MIEM HSE Tourist Club

We are climbing and hiking. We will provide all the equipment needed. It's free. Don't worry. Be a tourist.
More information on the club's website and at international@tkhse.ru

HSE Music Projects Centre

A unique concert series has been running over the last ten years at the Professor Club organized by HSE Music Projects Centre. Each week you can listen to interesting musicians play and talk at the HSE (20 Myasnitskaya Ulitsa or 5A Vorontsovo Pole Ulitsa). Don’t miss the chance to hear famous and new performers play jazz, classical, and folk.

Admission is free for HSE students. You also can invite guests, but register them online beforehand. The Professor Club’s schedule (September-June) is published on the website

Best Buddies

Best Buddies is a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-on-one friendships and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The mission of Best Buddies HSE is to provide an opportunity for students to be matched in one-on-one friendships with individuals who have intellectual disabilities. Social experiences and relationships are a part of life; unfortunately, individuals with intellectual disabilities have historically been excluded from many of the social opportunities that most people enjoy. By becoming a Best Buddy, you will not only befriend someone with an intellectual disability, but you will also learn about yourself in the process.
Contact: elza.yamaltdinova@gmail.com


Style.RU is an organization that brings together active students to develop web, iOS and Android projects. We give our members the opportunity to improve their programming, project management and design skills. Style.RU can give you not only the skills you need to succeed in our tasks, but also we give them a first experience for the future's jobs at this direction.

High School Press (in Russian)

High School Press is an online media (studpress.hse.ru) and a monthly magazine for students of the Higher School of Economics. It issues reports about the main events taking place at our university and in Moscow, speak to notable newsmakers, and cover stories about modern society and creativity worldwide. It is run by HSE students since 2012.


The full list of student clubs and activities (in Russian) can be found here.