Troika Card

Troika card

While you haven't got your student social card, the most convenient way to pay metro and public transport fares would be the Troika card.


46 ₽

69 ₽

51 ₽

One metro or public transport ride

One metro ride and unlimited number of changes on public transport within 90 minutes interval

For comparison, one metro ride when paying with a bank card 

Please check relevant prices on the Moscow Transport website.

Where to get the Troika card?

  • at the ticket machines and metro ticket offices;
  • at Moscow transport kiosks near bus stops;
  • at commuter train stations;
  • in metro souvenir shops and information stands.

The Troika card costs 50 roubles. The cost can be returned when handing back the card to the ticket office. The card is valid for 5 years from the last use.

Where to top up the Troika card?

  • at metro ticket offices and ticket machines;
  • in the Moscow Metro and Moscow Transport mobile apps;
  • on the website and in bank mobile apps;
  • via an Android mobile phone with NFC module.

After online top-up, the Troika card must be validated at a yellow terminal. The yellow terminals are usually located next to the metro ticket office. Press the "remote top-up" button on the terminal and tap the card against a yellow circle of the terminal. Do not remove the card before confirmation of top-up appears on the screen.