Student Social Card

Student Social Card

The Student Social Card can be obtained by full-time undergraduate and postgraduates students.

The social card gives you discounts on travel on the metro, MCC and MCD, city transport and on suburban and commuter trains in the Moscow region. 

To verify the discount, a student must carry a student ID at all times.


Metro fares 

Ground transport fares

470 ₽

1340 ₽

300 ₽

870 ₽

for 1 month

for 3 months

for 1 month

for 3 months

The social card also gives a 50% discount on commuter trains (discount is not valid during the holidays). 

Check the current prices on the Mayor of Moscow website or the Moscow Metro website.

Applying for a social card

Important! To apply an application for the Social Card, foreign citizens need to obtain a SNILS-СНИЛС (Insurance Number of Individual Ledger Account). Learn how to do it here

International undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply for their social card at any social service centre "My Documents" (Moi Documenty). The address and the opening hours of the nearest office can be found on the website. More details on applying for a social card here.The card is issued within 30 calendar days.

To apply for the card, the student's details must be listed in the Moscow Social Register. Please check if your details have been submitted to the register on the website. If the data is missing, the student should contact their programme manager. 

Topping up a social card

The student social card can be topped up at:

  • metro ticket offices and moscow transport kiosks;
  • at the Elecsnet and Credit Bank of Moscow self-service kiosks;
  • in the mobile application (for Android phones with NFC module).