Moscow taxi

🚖 Taxi service

Taxi is a comfortable and 24-hour service for moving around the city.

Average fares for a taxi ride from the airport

Domodedovo Airport

1250 ₽

Sheremetyevo Airport

950 ₽

Vnukovo Airport

1000 ₽

Zhukovsky Airport

1200 ₽

Fares may vary depending on distance, time of day and demand for cars. At nighttime and on public holidays, the fares may be higher than usual.

In case a driver charges you much more than the average fare, never agree to it. If a driver threatens you, call the police at 112 for help. 

We strongly recommend that you use official taxi services. In this case, the carrier guarantees safety and quality service. Private taxi services can be unsafe.

Taxi apps

It is more convenient to book a taxi over the phone or through mobile apps, which are available from major carriers. The following services have a contract with the Moscow city government, so it is guaranteed that you will be served by a licensed taxi.