HSE University at a glance

Dear prospective exchange students,

On this page, you can find useful digital materials that will help you to learn about HSE University and get insights on your prospective excnhage experience with us. We also recommend checking HSE Exchange Factsheet.

We can't wait to see you in Moscow soon!

Check out a video about one day in the life of an international student at the central HSE Moscow building:

My Exchange Semester in Moscow

by Xin Wang (China University of Political Science and Law, China)

Challenging and Rewarding Months in Moscow

by Vania Valeria Álvarez Gaona (UNAM, Mexico)

A year’s adventure in Russia with HSE

by Liu Haiwei (Guangzhou University, China)

We Can Have Precious Experience Every Day

by Yuri Ishitoya (Akita International University, Japan)

My Exchange Experience at HSE Moscow

by Vincent Ade (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)

Studying at HSE: A Story of Liu Jingyi

by Liu Jingyi (China University of Political Science and Law, China)

My semester at HSE Moscow

by Zoe Heroufosse (Belgium)

Wonderful Journey of Wang Xinuo to HSE

by Wang Xinuo (China University of Political Science and Law, China)

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