Myths and reality of gastro-adaptation

HSE students are invited to participate in the InterView Open Discussion event

Myths and reality of gastro-adaptation

International Student Support Centre together with the InterView team present the second series of controversial interviews - "The myths and reality of gastro-adaptation: to eat local food or to look for a way to cook the usual one?"

InterView is an open discussion with other HSE students where you can act as a speaker or an interviewer (ask questions of the speaker). InterView will give you an opportunity to discover a lot of strong ideas, meet new people and learn about the best practices of HSE university in just 60 minutes. 

The purpose of the next meeting is to get acquainted with the practices of gastronomic adaptation in a foreign country and to prepare  recipes of national dishes of HSE students, which are available for cooking in dormitories and the rented apartments (we will forward the recipes for InterView participants only).

Date and time:
February 16, 2022,   5 p.m. (Moscow time)
Language: English
Venue: ZOOM

Moderator: Disa Malbakhova, Senior Administrator of the Department of Theoretical Economics at the Faculty of Economic Sciences. 

Possible topics are the following:

  • “Blini (Russian pancakes), pies, borsch”: my first acquaintance with Russian cuisine
  • Pelmeni in winter: Connection between climate and food
  • Traditional cuisine of the people in Russia: what foreigners can eat without fear
  • Russian cities with strange food. How to get used to foreign cuisine
  • Fast food: shawarma or caesar roll?
  • "Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are" How not to lose your national identity
  • How to cook pizza in dormitories
  • Rice, cauldron, carrots - what do you need for the perfect dish (and where to look for it)?
  • Who came up with chak-chak: Kyrgyz, Tatars or Bashkirs?
  • Culinary Insights
  • Food for brain: what to eat before important exams
  • “Eat everything and even more.” Rules of etiquette at the dinner table in a foreign country

Speakers may offer their own topics as well. 

Please register to participate in the event (deadline for registration is February 06, 2022):

Speakers will have a workshop on public talking and individual consultations with Prof. Vladimir Sychenkov, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Communications, Media and Design. 

For more information or questions, please contact Disa Malbakhova at