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Settle in at the Dormitory

Dormitory places will be allocated via applicants’ personal accounts. You will get access to the Dormitory section in your personal account, once you’ve completed the Enrolment Consent and Recognition of Foreign Education and (or) Qualifications sections. Therefore, by the time you visit International Admissions Office to submit your documents, a place at the dormitory will have already been assigned to you.


Upon check-in you need to submit to the dormitory administration:

  • Accommodation referral (printed from your personal account);
  • Your passport + copy of ID page;
  • Migration card;
  • A vaccination certificate or a copy of the certificate of preventive vaccinations (as per Form No. 156/y-93) *must be translated into Russian;
  • Medical insurance, including a medical examination, as well as certificates confirming negative test results for HIV, hepatitis B and COVID-10 (the latter using the PCR method).


Check-in rules for students, who have arrived in the Russian Federation.

  • Upon checking in, must be presented a medical certificate, confirming a negative test result for COVID-10 with the application of the PCR method (in Russian or English);
  • After arriving and moving into a dormitory, within the next 14 day you must self-isolate.

  • On the 10th -12th day after receiving the results of your first COVID-19 test, you must take a medical examination, be tested for HIV, hepatitis B and re-tested for COVID-19 (the latter using the PCR method).


Check-in rules for students, who have not left the Russian Federation after the end of the ongoing academic year.

Upon checking in, the following additional documents must be presented:

  • a document, confirming that the student has not left the Russian Federation after the end date of the current academic year;
  • a voluntary medical insurance policy, which includes a medical examination, as well as respective certificates for HIV, hepatitis B and COVID-19 (the latter using the PCR method);
  • a certificate confirming a completed medical examination;
  • a certificate confirming the absence of HIV;
  • a certificate about the absence of hepatitis B;
  • it is advisable to present a medical certificate confirming a negative test result for COVID-19 (using the PCR method) in Russian.


Important! An accommodation referral is valid for definite period of time starting from the date when it was issued. Therefore, within the indicated timeframe, the respective resident must check-into the dormitory, or inform the International Admissions Office (inter@hse.ruor Office for Dormitory Support (zaselenie@hse.ru) of the reason why he/she cannot move in.



Dormitory tenancy fees shall be paid by residents for each period, starting from the check-in date (when they start occupying a respective living space in a dormitory), every month and no later than the 10th day of every month that follows the payment period, as per their respective Agreements.

Payment steps

-         Pick-up a payment form at the dormitory administration;

-         Fill in your name and pay the amount at a local bank;

-         Submit the payment receipt to the dormitory administration

or you can pay accommodation fee online:https://pay.hse.ru/en/moscow/prg

For detailed information please read the Dormitory Internal Rules


International Student Support Centre

We are part of Department of Internationalisation

  • Address
    11 Pokrovskiy Bulvar, office 626D
  • Visiting hours
    Mon.— Fri., 10:00 — 19:00
phone: +7 (495)7729590 *27661
phone +7 (495)7729590 *27662
phone +7 (495)7729590 *27660