Student Clubs and Activities

The HSE University offers you lots of opportunities to develop you creativity and for cultural enrichment.

Student Initiative Support Centre provides support resources for HSE University students who are carrying out independent projects helping to develop their participants’ leadership skills, promote HSE University's reputation, as well as contribute to the life of the city, its residents, and the environment.

You can find announcements about the current events organized for students and by students here.

International Student Network



Green HSE University

Best Buddies

Open Your Eyes

Discussion Clubs


HSE University Debating Society


MIEM HSE University Tourist Club

HSE Travel

English Speaking Clubs

English Speaking Club HSE


PIE chat

Pugachyov English Speaking Club

In French

HSE French-Speaking Club

Table Ronde HSE

In Spanish

HSE Spanish Club

In Japanese

Hey! Say!

In Arabic

Arabian Club HSE