Thank you for choosing our university for your international study experience. It is a great honour and pleasure for the International Students Office (ISO) to have you with us. 

This website is intended to serve as a quick reference whenever you encounter a problem or simply have a question. It will prepare you for life and study in Moscow and answer at least some questions that might arise during the first days of your stay.

We wish you success and many wonderful discoveries!

The HSE Professors’ Club welcomes you to the exciting 2014-2015 Concert Season!

The next concert will take place on October 29, 2014 at 6.00 pm. Performers: Yana Ivanilova (soprano), Alexey Skanavi (piano). Programme: « Children’s question: For adults about children».

HSE Tourist Rally: Students Learn to Survive in the Wild

The 22nd Annual Open Tourist Rally, organized by the HSE’s Extreme Sports Club, has taken place outside Moscow. Nearly 200 Russian and international students from the HSE and other Moscow universities took part.

HSE Faculty of Design: Pushkin Museum programme partner

On October 3, 2014, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Artsis opening the exhibition ‘British Design: From William Morris to the Digital Revolution,’ prepared by the Moscow Design Museum. The exhibition will feature an educational programme, in which the HSE Faculty of Design is partnering with the two museums.

HSE Day: International Students and Faculty Get into the Spirit of University Life

The Higher School of Economics is becoming more and more internationalized. It is for this reason that HSE Day, which took place at Gorky Park, reached an international level as well. Among the numerous activities at the event were ones that featured English as their main form of communication. Thanks to this, international students, foreign instructors, and all guests of the celebration who wanted to speak English were able to feel they could take full participation in the events.

Activities English Speaking Guests Can Join without Offending their Ears

HSE Day 2014 is a festival for everyone unimpeded by communication barriers. The organisers have created a special space where English speaking guests can feel completely free and will be able to understand what is going on! 

10 Reasons to Come to HSE Day or Unauthorized Entry Only

It’s September but you don’t have to get blues because autumn starts with HSE Day — a massive city festival in Gorky Park. For the third year in a row on September 10 the HSE transforms the park into a university campus where you can have fun finding out about life in a modern university. Here are 10 good reasons why everybody, even if they have nothing to do with the HSE should come to this special day.

HSE Speaks English at HSE Day

Yulia Grinkevich, Director of Internationalization at HSE describes English-language lectures at HSE Day.

New Student Buddies

160 HSE students joined as volunteer buddies in August to provide assistance for foreign students.

Buddies are Here to Help

HSE’s first Summer University has come to an end. Some 40 students from an array of countries, ranging from Brazil and the U.S. to South Korea and China, took part in the University. HSE ensured that living in Moscow and studying at the Summer University were as easy and comfortable for the students as possible. To do this, a number of volunteers and Buddies – ordinary HSE students – actively participated in the Summer University’s activities.

Coffee, Cakes and Quizzes: party report