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Safety & Code of Conduct

All HSE University students are required to follow the safety procedures and abide by the code of conduct which is dictated by the internal regulations. International students are recommended to get familiar with the existing safety and security regulations, internal rules and guidelines for living and studying in safe and secure environment during your stay at HSE University.

If you find yourself in a situation, threatening your or someone else’s life, health or safety (car accident, robbery, fire, burglary etc.)
CALL 112universal emergency number for mobile phones

On campus, during office hours, any emergency can also be directed to the International Students Support.
Address: Myasnitskaya Ul. 11, office 301
Phone: +7 (495) 772 9590, ext. *12468

All HSE buildings are equipped with:
- security guard posts (so remember to carry your e-pass and student ID with you at all times)
- first aid medical kits (check the list of their locations)

We also highly recommend checking the Safety at HSE University website where you can get familiar with all safety policies, regulations and guidelines.  

Safety & Security

Emergency Guidelines for International Students  

 Guide on Encounters with the Police  

 HSE University Fire Safety Guidelines 

 HSE University Guidelines for Fire Evacuation from the Premises  

 HSE University First Aid Posts  

 HSE University Emergency Response Protocol for HSE Staff  

 HSE University Procedures for Access Control 

Code of Conduct

 HSE University Internal Regulations  

 HSE University Internal Regulations - Appendix on Disciplinary Measures  

 HSE University Internal Regulations - Appendix on Expulsion  

 HSE University Dormitory Internal Regulations 

 Also be sure to check the Knowledge Assessment regulations.