Voluntary Medical Insurance for International Students

What is voluntary medical insurance?

Voluntary medical insurance is a type of personal insurance, allowing insured persons to receive qualified medical assistance at a medical institution while in the Russian Federation.

Why do international students need a medical insurance policy?

Firstly, a voluntary medical insurance policy is one of the obligatory documents confirming a foreign citizen’s right to stay in the Russian Federation. Each international student, arriving in Russia, must acquire a policy that is valid for their entire time in the country.

Where and how can international students acquire medical insurance?

International students may acquire a medical insurance policy from an insurance company recommended by HSE University. All foreign citizens (including international students) are obliged to acquire a policy upon arrival in Russia or in your country of residence.

More information about recommended policies and how to acquire one can be viewed on the website of the Office of Staff and Student Benefits.


Disciplinary sanctions, as per the University’s internal bylaws, may be imposed in regards to international students who fail to acquire a medical insurance policy.