Manage Your Study Plan

How can I add a course to my study plan?

1. Find the course in the HSE course catalogue

2. Check the e-mail address of the programme manager responsible for this course (see an instruction on how to find their contact info).

3. E-mail the programme manager and ask them if it is possible to join the course.

4. If your request is approved, forward the approval to your study manager together with a filled in Course enrollment form.

5. Your study manager will add the course to your study plan.

How can I drop a course?

1. You can drop a course during the week before an exams period.

2. Fill in and submit the course drop form (PDF version) or Course drop form (word version) through online document request;

3.  SIMO will sign the form and send you its scan within 5 working days;

4. E-mail the signed course drop form to your study manager (cc SIMO) to have the course deleted from your study plan.  

Who is my study manager?

You will be sent the name and contact details of your study manager by email.

Where can I see my schedule?

You can see your schedule in the 'Schedule' tab in your LMS profile, on the RUZ website and in the HSE App X.