Legalization of Educational Documents

After graduation from HSE University, you may want to complete the procedure for your diploma’s legalization, which may be necessary if you plan to: 

continue your studies abroad;

work abroad.

In order to check whether your diploma needs legalization for your purposes in another country, please read the document

You can also get more information about document legalization requirements at the embassy or consulate office of the country where you plan to work or continue your studies. 

If you need to complete the diploma legalization procedure, and you are in Russia, please follow the link to the section 'How can I find out whether or not I need to legalize my diploma' or 'What should I do if I need both types of legalization', in order to see more details about this procedure and follow the instructions.

If you need to complete the diploma legalization procedure while you are abroad and unable to arrive in Russia, please read the information provided here and follow the instructions written on the section 'How can I legalize my diploma if I am an international student and unable to arrive in Russia.

If you have any questions, please contact us via