Consular registration

What is consular registration?

Consular registration is the registration of foreign nationals who are permanently or temporarily staying in the Russian Federation at a consular office. To obtain consular registration, foreign nationals must provide their contact details to the consular office (national embassy or consulate). 

Why is consular registration important?

Consular registration is meant to secure the rights, interests, and safety of foreign nationals residing abroad. In the event of emergency, contact information of foreign nationals or their relatives may be of crucial importance.

All international students are advised to apply for consular registration at their national consular offices in the Russian Federation. This will enable quick contact with their relatives through consulates, if necessary.

Consular registration also facilitates the recovery of personal documents in case of theft or loss, as the consulates already have all the necessary information to confirm the identity of persons who have lost their passport.

Consular records are also used to compile lists of voters and referendum participants from abroad.

How can you apply for consular registration?

To obtain consular registration in Russia, foreign nationals must contact their national consular office. Information on consular offices in Moscow can be found here. It is also advised to follow national consular accounts on social media to get timely updates. 

At the end of their stay in Russia, foreign nationals may apply for consular de-registration.

Upon request, foreign nationals may also obtain a certificate of registration or de-registration at their respective consular office.

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