Arrival in Russia

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Passport Control

Upon arrival in the Russian Federation, all foreign persons are subject to passport control. Visitors must have the following documents to pass passport control:

  • passport;
  • visa (for foreign citizens requiring a visa to enter Russia);
  • migration card (issued free of charge upon crossing the border into the Russian Federation).

If you plan to enter the Russian Federation in transit (with transfer) through the Republic of Belarus please do not forget to get a migration card in Belarus BEFORE ARRIVAL in Russia. A migration card must be requested form a border control officer at checkpoint in the Republic of Belarus.



Migration Card

  • necessary for all international students (with the exception of citizens of the Republic of Belarus);
  • issued free of charge upon every entry into Russia at border crossing points;
  • necessary for legally staying in the Russian Federation.

Upon arriving in Russia by airline, your migration card will be issued at the airport where you cross the border.

Upon arrival in the Russian Federation by land, foreign citizens must fill in the migration card themselves, i.e., specify personal information, dates of visit and purpose of stay in Russia, as well as other vital information, and then present the card to the passport control officer at the state land border.

When filling in the migration card, be sure to check the correctness and completeness of the information provided therein, e.g., make sure you underline “Study” as the purpose of your stay in Russia. Refer to these guidelines when checking the migration card:

Guidelines for checking information on migration cards

What to do if you have lost your migration card  


Customs Control

In addition to passport control, all arriving passengers on international flights must undergo customs clearance. If a passenger is transporting items subject to declaration upon entry to the Russian Federation, he/she must fill in a customs declaration. In addition, it is important to remember that certain items cannot be brought into Russia – they may be seized at the customs.

Please note that bringing certain types of medication is only possible with a prescription. Prescriptions should specify that the medication is strictly for personal use. Furthermore, prescriptions should provide information about the illness (syndrome) for which the medication is assigned, as well as information about the dosage and the frequency of the medication.

If the prescription is in a foreign language, a notarized translation in Russian must be provided.

More detailed information about moving items through customs can be found on the website of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation. We also recommend looking at the guide below:

Traveler guidelines