Pre-arrival Checklist Fall // Spring

This page contains useful information that will help you get access to HSE university services and prepare for your semester/year at HSE University.  

  • Step  1:  May // November

    Attend pre-arrival webinars

    To help you better prepare for you exchange experience at HSE University we have prepared a series of webinars. See the schedule.

    Check Access to Your HSE Student E-Mail

    1. Check the inbox and spam folder of the email address you indicated when filling in your HSE Online Profile
    2. You will find your HSE e-mail address and password in an e-mail with the subject 'Параметры вашей учетной записи для входа (Your login account settings)'
    3. Go to
    4. Follow instructions here to log in

    Check Access to Your LMS Account

    1. Go to
    2. Click the green 'Login by ELK' button and log in using your HSE e-mail address and your password

  • Step  2:  June // December

    Enroll in HSE University courses

    Deadlines and insturctions are available on the Course Enrolment page.

  • Step  3:  July-early August // December

    Apply for your Russian visa

    1. After you have received a letter of invitation for a Russian visa from SIMO, you can apply for your visa to the local Russian Consulate or Visa Centre. 

    2. After you have received your visa, upload its scan/photo to your HSE Online Profile.

    Get a health certificate for the dorm

    When moving in into your HSE dorm, you will be required to submit a health certificate. It must be issued using the HSE template and it must be signed and stamped by a doctor in your home country.

  • Step  4:  August //December-January


     1. All international students are required to purchase medical insurance for the duration of their study abroad programme. See the Medical Insurance page for more information.

    2. After you have purchased your medical insurance, upload its scan/photo to your HSE Online Profile.

    Let SIMO know your arrival date

    E-mail SIMO your arrival date as soon as you have booked your flight. We need to know your exact arrival date to arrange a referral file that you need to check in the dorm.


    When you know your exact arrival date, fill in a form to request a buddy.


    Note that bank cards issued by non-Russian banks do not work in Russia and SWIFT transfers are not processed. You should bring foreign currency in cash enough for your stay in Russia.  It is possible to exchange cash currency to Russian roubles and deposit roubles in a bank account in a local bank.


    1. You will receive a migration card upon your arrival at an airport in Moscow

    2. Please check all the info in it carefully. The purpose of your visit must be EDUCATION.

    3. Upload its photo to your HSE Online Profile.

    Attend the Orientation Session/Orientation Follow-up

    The schedule will be available here.

    Take the Russian Language Placement Test

    The Russian a Foreign Language course (6 ECTS per semester) is not compulsory. 

    To enroll, take a placement test in your LMS profile (instructions).

    If you have not studied Russian before, submit an empty test so that the Russian Language Centre knows that you are interested and contacts you.

    If you are not going to take the Russian as a Foreign Language Course, you do not need to take the test.