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How Do I End My Mobility

Before you leave for your home university you have to follow several procedures established by HSE University:

Pass your exams to get the Transcript of Records

While having completed your courses, you need to sit an exam to assess your knowledge. Please make sure you are enrolled for the course you intend to pass by filling out a List of Examinations and verifying it with your Study manager.

The courses you have taken at HSE University will be validated by your home university after you receive a Transcript of Records from CISM.

Complete your Exit Form

On the eve of your departure, you are required to submit  HSE Exit Form to CISM.

While completing the document you will have to:

  • go to the library and hand in your library card;
  • pay for the last month of your staying in the dorm (if applicable);
  • take part in the annual HSE Student Survey (the link should be sent to your HSE email);
  • hand in your pass card to CISM or the dormitory you live in.


You are welcome to submit the Exit Form either by coming to CISM or by sending a filled out and scanned copy of the document to international.study@hse.ru.  

 Please note that CISM cannot issue your Transcript of Records before you have your Exit Form completely signed.


NB! If you leave Moscow before semester ends, you are required to inform CISM at the earliest convenience!

Leave your feedback

If you want to share your experience with prospective exchange student, you are welcome to express yourself using following tools:


Centre for International Student Mobility

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