Internet Access, Printing Centers and Coworking Spaces

📶 Internet

There is free Wi-Fi in every HSE University building. To access use the following login and password:

login: hseguest 
pass: hsepassword 

HSE dormitories also offer free internet, cable connections, and Wi-Fi. To access, use the login and password listed on the information boards in the dormitories or contact the dormitory administrator.  

🖨️ Printing

You can print or copy the necessary material at the HSE printing centers, or at private printing centers in the city. 

👨‍🏫️ Coworking spaces

HSE students are allowed to use any rooms and classrooms free of classroom activities for self-study and coworking during office hours. Most computer labs have free access as well. Some of HSE buildings and dormitories are also equipped with special coworking spaces. 

You can find and book a free classroom via the HSE App X