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Learning Management System (LMS)

The Learning Management System (LMS) is the HSE’s educational space that connects instructors with their students. Teachers upload course materials, tests and tasks via the LMS for distribution to students. Students, in return, submit their home assignments or questions to teachers.

Please find below the instructions on how to use LMS: 

How to use LMS.pdf

You can enter the LMS on this webpage.

Your login: your university e-mail address

Initial password: Edu + the number of your student ID card (no dots, slashes or letters), e.g. if your student ID number is М141БУПРВ013 -> your password is Edu141013

The system will ask you to change this automatic password after your first login.

Please check your LMS account regularly. You can also use settings of your LMS account, which will allow you to receive notifications of all changes in the LMS to your university email account.

Instructors use LMS to:

  • Share training materials
  • Assess students’ knowledge with tests
  • Maintain students’ performance logs
  • Collect and store individual student or group assignments (essays, term papers, projects etc.)
  • Communicate with students and advise them

Students use LMS to:

  • Study training materials
  • Perform different types of academic activities (upload assignments, term papers, pass tests)
  • Communicate with teachers, study offices and other students
  • Check their grades in the electronic grade book

Study offices use LMS to:

  • Check students’ registration for courses and their performance log
  • Communicate with students and consult them
  • Publish announcements and add events

Electronic grade book

An electronic grade book is available in the student’s personal account in LMS. To check it, please click on 'Tools' => 'Personal info' => 'Student’s grade book'. You will see your grades.