Issue of Student Visas

This information is up-to-date only for international students, who require a visa to enter the Russian Federation.

Single-entry student visa

  • international students who need a visa to travel to Russia require a student visa for their initial entry into the Russian Federation;
  • a student’s initial entry to the Russian Federation can only be made on a single-entry visa, which provides him/her with the right to cross the border to enter and leave the country one time;
  • single-entry visas are valid for up to 90 calendar days;
  • students can only receive a multi-entry student visa after entering the Russian Federation on a single-entry visa and getting official registered with the migration authorities at their place of temporary residence.

Procedures for receiving a single-entry student visa

  • 1. Obtain your visa invitation

    • If you are a first-year student, your visa invitation  will be made available via your personal account in 45 days from the moment when confirmation is made that your documents have been uploaded. Please refer to these guidelines to check the accuracy of your invitation.
    • If you are a student in a senior year of study, you should request your visa invitation from coordinator of your degree programme, by sending an application and a copy of your passport.  


  • 2. Check the invitation to make sure all the information on it is correct

  • 3. Submit an application for a student visa at the consulate or visa centre of the Russian Federation in your main country of residence/citizenship

  • 4. Check the visa to make sure all the information on it is correct

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