Apply for a Student Visa

Please note that this information is only relevant for international students who require a visa to stay in the Russian Federation.

International students from visa required countries must obtain a student visa for their initial entry to Russia. Initial entry to Russia is only possible with a single-entry student visa. In case of departure from Russia with a single-entry student visa, re-entry to Russia is only possible after obtaining a new single-entry student visa. 

The single-entry student visa can only be valid for up to 90 calendar days.

Applying for a single-entry student visa

  • 1. Receive a student visa invitation

  • 2. Check the details on the invitation are correct

  • 3. Apply for a student visa at the Russian Consular Office or the Visa Application Centre in your country of residence

  • 4. Check the details are specified accurately in a newly issued visa

With a university visa invitation, international students can only obtain a single-entry student visa. It is possible to extend a single-entry student visa to a multiple-entry student visa only after entering Russia and applying for migration registration at the place of residence. 

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