Studies and dorm life during Modules 3&4, 2022 for exchange and visiting students

New procedures for foreign citizens - medical check-up and fingerprinting

Amendments to the Federal Law "On the legal status of foreign nationals in the Russian Federation" came into effect on 29.12.2021. The new provisions establish that foreign nationals (including international students) arriving in Russia for more than 90 days must undergo a medical examination, fingerprinting and photographing.

HSE University has designed an algorithm for the new procedures: medical examinationfingerprinting and photographing .

Should you have any questions related to this matter please contact SIMO at +7 916 971 48 07.

Current COVID-19 measures in Moscow and HSE University

You can find updates on the current COVID-19 measures in Moscow on The Moscow Times website, Coronavirus in Russia section.

What are the current COVID-19 restrictions in Moscow (as of June 2022)?

There are no COVID restrictions.

How can I get vaccinated in Russia?

1. If you have a SNILS number:

You can get vaccinated for free at a partner hospital of HSE University. Please check the info here


2. If you do not have a SNILS number:

You can get vaccinated for a fee. Please check the info here.

How can I get a SNILS number?

You will most likely need some help from a Russian-speaking friend or a buddy to go through the process.

1. Get a notarized translation of your passport into Russian. It has to be done by a translation agency. The HSE Translation Centre does not do notarized translations.

2. Go to a Pension Fund Centre (ПФР)  to apply for a so-called SNILS – СНИЛС number. You will need your passport and the notarized translation of your passport.

3. Register on Gosuslugi website and confirm your account by visiting one of the Gosuslugi support Centres. You will need your passport and your SNILS number.

Study Process at HSE University

What is the mode of studies at HSE in Modules 3 and 4 of 2021/22?

Modules 3 and 4, 2022 run in the face-to-face mode with a number of courses running in the online mode. (More info)

All HSE university buildings (including libraries and canteens) are open.

Getting COVID-19

What happens if I get COVID-19?

1. If you are feeling unwell, please approach your dorm administration to arrange a PCR-test.

2. If your PCR-test result is positive, the ambulance will take you to a hospital (severe cases, until recovery) or an observation facility (mild cases, for around 14 days and until you have two negative PCR-tests).

What happens if someone in my study group or dorm gets COVID-19?

On February 6, Rospotrebnadzor ended the self-isolation requirement for people who have come into contact with COVID-19 patients. HSE University students and faculty who have come into contact with COVID-19 patients no longer need to self-isolate if they show no symptoms of illness. More info