Medical Insurance for International Students


What is Medical Insurance?

Medical Insurance is a type of personal insurance, which allows an insured person to get health services at medical institutions. Medical Insurance policies for international students can ensure protection from life- and health-related risks throughout the period of their stay in Russia.


Why is it Important for an International Student to have a Medical Insurance Policy?

Firstly, a medical insurance policy is one of the required documents that confirms a foreign citizen’s right to stay in Russia. All international students are required to purchase a medical insurance policy before check-in to the dormitory or before academic year starts (in case of living in rented apartment). A medical insurance policy must be valid throughout the entire period of their stay in Russia.

Furthermore, a medical insurance policy allows students to get health services at medical institutions in Russia.


How Can International Students Purchase a Medical Insurance Policy?

International students can purchase a medical insurance policy from the representatives of insurance firms recommended by HSE University. To find out more about recommended DMS offerings and the purchasing of a policy, please visit the Office of Staff and Student Benefits’ website at:


Important! If a medical insurance policy is not purchased or done so at a later date, international students may be subject to disciplinary measures as per HSE University’s internal bylaws.