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Arrival in Russia by Foreign Citizens and Measures to Prevent COVID-19 at HSE University

Learn more about life at HSE University during the COVID-19 outbreak on Coronavirus Live page. 

Learn more about the COVID-19 situation in Moscow on Moscow Mayor official website.


We will update this page as new information becomes available. Please check back often.


1. Before Arrival in Russia

The current list of countries with which Russia has restored traffic on a mutual basis is here.

If you are a citizen of the above countries or you have a residence permit in these countries, when planning your trip to Russia, the following points should be considered:

1. When buying an air ticket, you should especially consider that your flight must be direct from your country of residence to Russia, or with a transfer in a country with which air traffic is also open

If you require a student visa for studies in Russia, contact the manager of your programme office for completing a request form for a visa invitation. Invitations are issued by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the processing time is at least 22 working days, excluding the day when the documents were submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Please read more here: https://ivisa.hse.ru/en/bama1.

2. In light of the inclusion of foreign nationals entering Russia on lists generated by HSE University and submission of these lists to authorized state executive bodies of the Russian Federation for ensuring migration control, we kindly ask that you send a letter from your corporate e-mail to the manager of your programme office at least 14 calendar days before your planned date for arrival in Russia with the following information: 

Subject of the letter: Entry of an International Student Into the Russian Federation

The body of the letter: : “I am forwarding a copy of my ID document so that I may be included on the list of foreign nationals entering the Russian Federation, as generated by HSE University, and for subsequent submission thereof to the authorized executive bodies of the Russian Federation for the purpose of migration control.”

Indicate in the letter: 

- Estimated date of entry into the Russian Federation (which is indicated on your ticket)

- Point of entry into the Russian Federation (name of the airport of arrival or land border crossing point)

Attach to the letter: 

- A scanned copy of a valid passport (which will be used for entering Russia; if you have two passports (for international and domestic trips), make sure you are familiar with the procedures for departing from your country and entering Russia in this case, e.g., with your passport for international travel only); 

- A scanned copy of a valid Russian study visa (if applicable).

3. Prior to arriving in Russia, international students must obtain a medical insurance policy, which should cover both a medical check-up and testing for COVID-19 with the application of the PCR method. A list of medical insurance programmes and descriptions of the procedures for online purchase can be found at: https://www.hse.ru/medical/ins.

After purchasing a medical insurance, please send a scan to the manager of your degree programme.

If you already have a valid medical insurance policy, purchased from a firm not included in the list of recommended insurance providers (as indicated above), please check whether or not your policy lists the following services: a medical check-up, and tests for HIV, hepatitis and COVID19. If your policy does not cover these options, you must undergo a medical check-up and be tested on a paid basis. 

4. The first PCR-test must be done in your country of departure, no earlier than three calendar days prior to your arrival in the Russian Federation

5. - If you plan to live in an HSE University dormitory, three days prior to your arrival in Russia, you must inform staff at the Dormitory Management Office about the date of your arrival to request for accommodation referral (please contact L.N. Barminova lubovb@hse.ru, or E.V. Grishkova - evgrishkova@hse.ru).

If you plan to live in a rented apartment or hotel and you want free COVID-19 testing organized by HSE University, three days prior to the date of your planned arrival in the Russian Federation, you need to inform staff at the HSE University Office of Staff and Student Benefits about the date of your arrival, as well as the address of your residence while in Russia (A.A. Adzhigitova - aadzhigitova@hse.ru).

2. Border Crossing

1. Only persons who have filled out an 'Application form for those who are on flights to the Russian Federation for border crossing' are allowed to go through border control. The application must be printed out in advance, filled out and shown to the employees of Rospotrebnadzor at sanitary control.

2. When entering the Russian Federation, please do not forget to present the original test result (certificates) in Russian or English. The result of a negative test for COVID-19 may be asked when leaving their country and during border control in Russia.

3. Please remember to indicate "Education" as the purpose of your visit on your migration card when entering the Russian Federation. 

3. Upon Arrival in Russia

1. Upon arrival in the Russian Federation, international students must take a second PCR-based test within 72 hours after their entry into the country. Prior to this, they must remain in self-isolation at their place of stay. 

- If your are staying in the dormitory observation facility, a free second PCR-based test will be organized for you on the spot within 72 hours. 

- If you are living in a rented apartment or hotel, wait for a medical team who will take a free second PCR-based test (please find an information about how to apply for a free COVID-19 testing organized by HSE University on paragraph 5 of "Before Arrival in Russia").

- To reduce the period of self-isolation, international students may take a second COVID-19 test with the application of the PCR method directly in the airport of their arrival to Russia. The express-test results will be ready in about two hours. Please note that the express-test is not provided by the medical insurance policy.

If you have passed the express test and you:
- have not yet lived in a dormitory, to check into a dormitory you need to get a new accommodation referral in the dormitory observation facility located at 7 Kibalchicha Ulitsa, Moscow. 
- have already lived in the dormitory, you can immediately move into your dormitory with two test results.

You can find detailed information about dormitory check-in procedure here

2. After receiving the second negative test result (with the PCR method), students must send scans of both certificates indicating their negative test results to the manager of the degree programme.

If, during self-isolation, students develop any symptoms or feel unwell, they should immediately contact medical services for assistance by calling “103” or “112”.

4. Life at HSE University

1. Safety Measures 

Masks are still obligatory on campus. At all university venues, all staff and students must wear masks or respirators that fully cover the mouth and nose.

If you forgot to take your mask with you, you can buy one at BookVyshka, the university bookstore (located at 20 Myasnitskaya and 11 Pokrovsky Boulevard). Study office managers also have a supply of masks.

2. HSE students and staff can get a free Coronavirus test 

Free voluntary testing for COVID-19 is available at HSE University. Students and staff members can get tested once a week by prior appointment in SmartLMS.

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