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Student Documents

Health Certificate

Every exchange student registered for the dormitory accommodation must provide the health certificate to the dormitory administration upon his/her arrival. Please have this certificate signed by your physician in your home country before arrival.

NB! Please have exactly this health certificate signed. The dormitory does not accept other templates.  

Student ID 

A student ID is an official document certifying that you are an HSE University student.

Exchange and visiting students can get their student ID at CISM, Pokrovsky boulevard 11, room 605D (after receiving a notification by email from CISM that your ID is ready). In order to receive a student ID, a student should do the following:

1) Upload to ASAV:

  • your visa scan;
  • your medical insurance scan;
  • your migration card scan.

2) Bring to CISM:

As soon as your documents are ready you will receive a confirmation by email.
Full-degree students receive their student ID from their programme manager after they are officially enrolled. 

A student ID allows students to apply for a social card (also known as transport card), which offers a significant discount on public transport in Moscow.

A student ID offers discounts and sometimes even free admission into some museums, theatres, cinemas, clubs, exhibition centres, and zoos. The student ID also allows for discounted purchase of railway tickets. On special occasions, some shops and cafes also offer certain discounts to students.

Pass card

The HSE University pass card allows entry into all HSE University buildings.
Exchange students living in a dormitory will receive a pass card on the first day of their arrival from the dormitory staff. 
Exchange students who do not live in a dormitory will receive a pass card at  CISM.

Have your student ID and passport with you all the time.


If you lose your pass and need immediate access to the HSE building at 11 Pokrovsky boulevard, please inform us immediately either at international.study@hse.ru or by phone +7 495 772-95-90* 27668.  A document proving your identity must be shown to receive a pass. 

Social (transport) card

Social card is used as a transport card to take public transport in Moscow (metro, buses, trams, trolleybuses) at a lower price.
must be activated and then refilled every month, separately for the metro (at a metro cashier’s) and the ground public transport (in grey ticket kiosks).  


How to Apply for a Social Card  (instruction)

Check if your name (your full name in Cyrillic, written as in your visa) is on the social card database so that you could apply for the card. 

1 month after submitting your application you can check if your social card is ready (enter your application No. and your passport No.).

Scholarship Card (VTB24)

Only 1-year quota full-degree students will receive a scholarship card.
More details about how this card is applied for can be found here.

Library card

You can pick up your library card and sign the service agreement at the HSE University library on 11 Pokrovsky boulevard within the designated visiting hours. You will need to show your passport to library staff. 

Enrollment documents (certificates, order/referral copies)

Full-degree students apply to their programme manager for enrollment certificates and/or copy of their quota referral (reference number).
Mobility (exchange/vitising) students may apply to CISM for enrollment certificates, copies of enrollment order, signing learning agreements, arrival forms and other documents through online document request. 

Passport translation

May be required at the banks and Multifunctional Centres while applying for the social card. 

Email your request to Expert Translation Centre (translation@hse.ru) with the passport and visa scans attached.


Centre for International Student Mobility

We are part of Department of Internationalisation

  • Visiting hours
    Mon.— Wed., 10:00 — 13:00
    Thu. — Fr., 14:00 — 17:00
Sofia Esipova

Incoming mobility coordinator

phone: +7 (495) 772-95-90*27669
Farida Gasratova

Incoming mobility coordinator

phone: +7(495)772-95-90 *27670
Tatiana Gremiakina

Incoming mobility coordinator

phone: +7 (495) 772-95-90*27806
Valeriya Sokolova

Deputy Director of CISM/Coordinator of 'Semester in Moscow' program

phone: +7 (495) 772-95-90*27668
Sofia Sadykova

Director of CISM

phone:+7(495) 772-9590*27672