Credits and Grading System

The HSE University student academic load is based on 'academic hours'.

1 academic hour = 40 minutes

1 credit = 38 academic hours = 25,3 astronomical hours
1 astronomical hour = 60 minutes

Total load is made up of contact hours and independent student work.
The usual required load for an academic year is 60 credits, 30 credits in each term. 

There are two forms of knowledge assessment: tests and exams. Assessment results are evaluated on a 10-point or 5-point scale and have qualitative characteristics.

 Grading System

ECTS GradesHSE Grades
  10-point scale5-point scale
A+Very good95
AVery good85

Students are expected to attend lectures and seminars, take tests and complete tasks assigned by instructors. The grade of a course is comprised of:

  • Form of assessment and requirements (determined by the instructor in each course description; the instructor determines the structure of the grade and number of points)
  • Attendance
  • Work in seminars
  • Interim tests
  • Final exam


Duration of a course unit

1 full academic year = 2 semesters = 4 modules

1 semester = 2 modules