Course Enrolment

Exchange students enroll in English-taught and Russian-taught courses separately.

Enrolment in English-taught courses will run in LMS from 8 June to 21 June, 2022 (see the timeline below).

Enrolment in Russian-taught courses will run via a Google-form at the end of June. Detailed instructions will be given to student in due course.

Timeline of Enrolment in English-taught courses:

  • 1st round (8 June, 16:00 – 9 June, 18:30 Moscow time )

    During 1st selection round you should:

    Places are distributed according to the time application was submitted. If a course implies competitive selection, it will be finished before the start of the second round. 

  • Selection process

    Before the start of the second selection round all your applications will receive “Approved” or “Declined” status in your LMS account.

  • 2nd round (15 June 12:30-23:59 Moscow time)

    In case your application receives the “Declined” status during the second round, you should choose another course. You cannot resubmit an application that was previously declined.

    If all your applications were approved, you don’t need to participate in the 2nd round.

  • 3rd round (20 June 12:30 – 21 June 23:59 Moscow time)

    During the 3rd selection round students look through the schedule and choose subject units (groups they will attend lectures and seminars with) for each course. Students make up their own schedule based on options provided for every course. 

    If a course has one cohort or group, it will be assigned automatically.

    If a student does not participate in the 3rd selection round, random subject units will be assigned.