Course Enrolment

Course enrolment for Fall semester runs in late May-early June and for Spring semester in December in SmartLMS.

  • Preview Period

    During this period you will be able to log into LMS to get acquainted with the system interface and look through the list of available courses. You will not be able to select any courses during the preview period.

  • 1st round

    During 1st selection round you should:

    For courses with no additional selection places are distributed according to the time application was submitted. Application status (Approved/Declined) will be available in up to 30 minutes.

    If there are extra places available, a student whose application was declined due to late application submition will recieve a notification (notifications may be sent with delay, check LMS for most relevant info).

    If a course implies competitive selection, applications will be approved or declined by a professor before the start of the second round. Before submitting an application for a course that implies competetive selection, a student should read through course abstact to figure out competetive selection principles. Application limit is set beforehand; a student will not be able to submit an application if the limit has been reached (applications that were submitted earlier will be reviewed).

  • Selection process

    Before the start of the second selection round all your applications will receive “Approved” or “Declined” status in your LMS account.

  • 2nd round

    In case your application receives the “Declined” status during the second round, you should choose another course. You cannot resubmit an application that was previously declined.

    If all your applications were approved, you don’t need to participate in the 2nd round.

  • 3rd round

    During the 3rd selection round students look through the schedule and select time slots (groups they will attend lectures and seminars with) for each course. 

    All students must participate in the 3rd selection round

  • Distribution of the remaining students (time slots)

    Students who did not select time slots (schedule) due to some technical issues should contact SIMO.